About this website
My name is Flavio B., I live in the Mediterranean Basin and I am passionate about science, technology and freedom, but I don't really like talking about myself :-)

I started LibFlow as a personal website to organize notes, documents and papers on (mostly) GNU/Linux, Programming, Maths and Physics. After I began sharing links with friends, we also shared the idea to allow everybody freely upload what they considered interesting for other people to read.
Currently thousands of documents have been uploaded, all of which are freely available.

Special thanks go to all people contributing to the free and open source community. LibFlow is made possible by the work of GNU/Linux, Creative Commons, PDF.js, Freebase, jQuery, pdf2htmlEX, Fontforge, Poppler
Can you help us?
I truly believe in free and open content, regardless of whether it is a software, a textbook or a video. I believe that sharing knowledge openly is the only way we, as a global community, have to overcome our prejudices and together build amazing things.
Unfortunately, finding good and reliable websites that support these ideals is often a daunting and tedious endeavour. Documents, textbooks and papers are more often than not hidden behind paywalls or subscriptions forms, and when they are not, they are plagued with ads. This is why I have never given up on LibFlow and also why, considering the growing trend, I want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to look forward and move on from a personal website to a useful resource that everybody can access.
While this is likely easier said than done, I hope you will join me and help achieve this goal together. LibFlow is not just about hosting files, but we want to nurture a solid community that supports free makers and encourages the creation on new, free content.

You can help by
  • supporting authors: authors make content. They write papers, textbooks, make videos or take pictures. When they release their work as "free", they are giving you rights. You have the right to share their work with your friends, to execute and study a piece of software as you please or to build upon their work. These authors care about freedom, and they care about you. Compare it with the traditional "Copyright - All rights reserved" license, and you will understand how this is about taking away freedom from you (you do not have any of the previously mentioned rights indeed). I am sure you do realise that making good content takes time, effort and sometimes even money. Therefore if an author accepts money, donations or tips for his work, I sincerely invite you to contact him/her and ask how you can give back and support him/her.
  • supporting LibFlow: if an author does not accept donations, or if you simply want to support our goals, I am kindly asking you to support LibFlow with a donation at Gittip. Our goal is $500/week, that will be used to cover servers costs (in particular we need more storage space, bandwidth, and a backup unit), development and maintenance. If you do not wish to use Gittip but still want to make a donation, please email me at so we can discuss an alternative.
    Please note that we do not display ads throughout the website. However, we would gladly set up a page to list patrons if you will ask us.

    With regard to development, these are some features that I want to implement if you decide to support LibFlow:
    • improve documents metadata: all metadata (available on every document in the "More info" tab) is extracted automatically from each PDF. This data only contains information about the document itself (e.g. page size). It shall be possible instead to add other custom data.
    • convert PDF files to HTML: currently, files are served as PDF. This is handy, but comes with several problems. For example it might be difficult to locate the text you searched for when coming from a search engine, especially for documents with a lot of pages. Also, the whole file is downloaded for every request which makes it impractical to host large documents. Converting them to HTML pages will solve these problems.
    • API: an API that everybody can use to search the entire collection of documents.
    • annotations: users should be able to add annotations when reading a document, and maybe share them with other users.
    • expand the collection: add more textbooks, documents, papers to the website.
    • source code major overhaul: when I first started LibFlow it was almost a pet project, and I just hacked together some scripts. The code must be revised and improved; I will make it available on GitHub.

Click here to lend your support to: Support LibFlow and make a donation at pledgie.com !;
Unfortunately I am not a lawyer nor I have the material resources to read and study all the ins and outs of any different law and bill. For these reasons I have put together a list of few points that should cover any possible use of this service, and that you must read and accept before using the website.
By using LibFlow you acknowledge that you have read and agree that
  • every user has the right to read, free of charge, any document that has been uploaded to LibFlow and that adheres to the website rules
  • you will not upload documents that cannot be read publicly and without restrictions
  • authors of any published document must be given full credit for their work, and nobody else is entitled to claim ownership on any document they did not work at
  • you respect and adhere to all copyright notices that you will find within each document
  • please make sure that every document you upload has a free license such as Creative Commons. Do not upload documents that do not have a free license.
  • all copyrighted works, whose rights to be distributed or displayed publicly have been revoked by its authors, will be taken down without previous notice. However, despite all my efforts it might still happen that some of them get unnoticed. Please consider that I am committed to complying with copyright laws and do my best to ensure that all rights are respected. I do not make any profit from this website and I am currently unemployed. For these reasons if you find a document that is not compliant with LibFlow rules, please kindly email me at and I will remove it as soon as I will receive your notice
  • this website is offered "AS IS" and free of charge. I do not assume any sort of legal responsibility or liability and I do not offer any sort of warranty. I cannot be held responsible for any misuse or money loss derived from the use of the website
  • all rights belong to their respective authors, even after a document has been uploaded
  • to the best of my knowledge this document is in accordance with European copyright laws and practice. These matters vary internationally, so please check the copyright laws of your country before using LibFlow
  • this document can change without notice, and you will periodically check for changes